It’s the Wilders! – 1.1: Not So Humble Beginnings

Originally, I didn’t plan on posting this legacy because I want to focus on my current legacy. After getting sucked in, I fell off the alphabet bandwagon and decided to put that one on hiatus. Instead, I will only be focusing on this legacy and their antics. I will alternating between this legacy and my BACC at Magnolia Springs.

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Basara, Chapter 1: The World Came Crashing Down

Chapter 01

When we left off, Sarasa was feeling optimistic about her world. She bought a beautiful house on paradise island. She made friends with the locals… and she met a man whom she didn’t mind exploring a relationship with.

She didn’t realize that her world had crashed around her overnight… Continue reading “Basara, Chapter 1: The World Came Crashing Down”

Basara, an Apocalypse: Prologue


Intro: I’ve been reading quite a few apocalypse challenges (by Anne & nichola) an was inspired to start my own.

Because I never attempted this one before, I decided to use Phaenoh’s Realistic/Tiered Variant version of the challenge. Hers comes with ruleset mods, which makes keeping track of the rules much easier. Continue reading “Basara, an Apocalypse: Prologue”